Ludzie nie dlatego
przestają się bawić,
że się starzeją,
lecz starzeją się,
bo się przestają bawić.
Mark Twain
Strona główna


"Art of memory - master and enjoy. Workshop for seniors"

- information for applicants from other countries

We start new project " Art of memory - master and enjoy" - an international Grundtvig Workshops project. The objective of this Grundtvig action is to enable adult learners to participate in Workshops taking place in another European country participating in the Lifelong Learning Programme.

Lead by The Fullness-Of-Life Academy memory training is planed for 5-days and include indoor and outdoor activities. The workshops take place from 09/05/2011
to 13/05/2011 in Cracow
(Please note that participants must come to Cracow on 08.05.2011. The date of departure from Cracow is 14.05.2011).


The workshop is addressed to senior citizens from all over Europe who are older than 55, have at least intermediate command of English and the desire to use the workshop for their personal development.


The aim of the workshop is to contribute to the personal development of participants by providing them with the knowledge and skills to give them better access to their memory recourses, to improve the functioning of their memory, and also to discern the presence and the influence of the art of memory on the culture.

Based on both modern knowledge of memory functions and the history of the art of memory we will help the participants to understand how their own memory operates, what its possibilities and limitations are, and how to work with their own memories, to benefit more from its collections and capabilities. A number of practical exercises, techniques and strategies will be shown to facilitate this process.

The workshop will also include elements which show the art of memory as a catalyst of cultural development, and thus will enable participants to take better advantage of the resources of both their own and other nations' cultures.

The program will focus on 3 elements of memory: recalling, storing and remembering, and will include such elements as a theoretical introduction, practical exercises, and outdoor activities to illustrate and train the knowledge acquired. We will use various teaching methods, such as short lectures, discussions, presentations, brainstorming, story telling, work with the texts and pictures, work with the 5 senses, and fieldwork. We are also going to use the cultural diversity of the participants to enrich the content and methods and produce added value for the workshop.

Practical exercises will be based on both the participants' and Krakow's cultural resources, and will mainly be held outdoors. This will enable the participants not only to practice their newly gained skills in a very appealing way, but also to learn about Krakow, Poland and the other participants' countries.

The workshop is planned for 5 days, each of which will include morning and afternoon sessions, held both in the classroom and in the old city and museums. The workshop will also enrich the European educational spectrum for seniors with an interesting new opportunity and present an innovative approach to seniors' education and personal development.


Everyone interested in taking part in workshop is asked to contact us via e-mail: to receive more information about workshop and application form.

By 6 February application forms should be sent in from people interested in taking part in our workshops. After receiving your fully completed and signed application we will put you on the pre-registration list. By 20 February we will confirm if your application has been accepted.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This pages reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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