Ludzie nie dlatego
przestają się bawić,
że się starzeją,
lecz starzeją się,
bo się przestają bawić.
Mark Twain
Strona główna


We are a non-governmental organization acting in support of middle-aged and elderly people.
Primarily we run educational activities such as computer classes for seniors, language courses, seminars, lectures and others.

We want elderly people to enjoy their age!

How we work

We obtain finances for our activities mainly through participating in grant competitions organized within EU programs, as well as from Polish and foreign foundations, embassies and government administration and from private donors.

The work of the association is directed by a board made up of 4 people elected by a General Assembly of members. There is also a Revisory Committee comprised of 3 people who supervise the activities of the association.

Our Mission and Goals

The Fullness-Of-Life Academy is an association acting in support of middle-aged and elderly people, particularly women. Our goal is to improve the quality of their life by creating a wide range of educational opportunities and arranging their free time. We put special emphasis on giving senior citizens, access to modern computer technology and the achievements of contemporary science and culture. We also aim at changing the negative stereotypes concerning the position and role of elderly people in society, as well as changing their own attitude towards their maturity and age. We strive to create a new image of a Pensioner, who would be up-to-date, independent, and willingly and actively participating in the modern world.

We organize computer classes, language courses, lectures, seminars, discussion groups, club meetings, hobby groups, and whatever else might interest our members or sympathizers. We support and animate all the ideas and grass-root projects of the Seniors themselves, supplying them with premises and technical aid.

  • Lectures on various topics, given once or twice a week;
  • Seminars conducted by Cracow scholars, presently on contemporary literature and philosophy;
  • An Open Computer Room for middle-aged and elderly people, where they are welcome to avail themselves of computer equipment and the training or advice of an instructor or volunteer worker;
  • Various computer courses;
  • Language courses and conversation seminars, presently in English, German, French and Russian;
  • Effective communication training;
  • Discussion groups and hobby groups, e.g. the "Round the Fireplace" group, where Seniors get together to talk about subjects they find interesting (they choose a leading topic every week);
  • Special meetings on the occasion of holidays and festivities.

The integral part of our activity is The European Senior's Club See gallery >>> which came into being as a result of carrying out one of the EU projects. It not only participates in all the activities of the Academy, but it is also very inventive in organizing visits to museums, excursions, physical activities, meetings, and taking initiative in supporting the local community.

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